Friday, 31 January 2014

The Hag

You, with your washed out hair and parchment-like skin. Your youth gone but your soul still beautiful. You, a wise woman in many ways and a lovable silly child on occasion.

You have made mistakes, just like any other human being, but you never tried to destroy anyone's life for your own selfish and irrational wants. You never tried to separate people who loved each other. You never acted against innocent women out of jealousy. Whether young or old; whether blossoming or withering; you, my darling, are not and shall never ever be a hag.

A hag is not necessarily a fragile, elderly lady who has seen better days. A hag can be young and easy on the eye. She may also look like a dry raisin with warts. It does not matter. SHE IS A HAG!

She is destructive, a hater of women, a murderer of female hopes and dreams. The reason? Pure, vicious jealousy. Often, behind a cruel dictator, a rapist, a die-hard misogynist, a religious fundamentalist... there is most likely a hag.

The hag is one of those beings that stops humanity from progressing. She has done so since the dawn of time. When a hag obtains a position of prominence or authority, i.e., a queen, a CEO or a prime minister, she endeavours to crush women and empower men.

She is the one who will spare her sons of house chores and make big sacrifices so that they go to university, whilst her daughters are deprived of education. She is the one who will sharpen the knife to mutilate her daughters' privates and impose the veil on them. She is the one who will spit on them, should they lose their virginity before marriage.

She is the one who will destroy her son's relationships because she is obsessed with him in a sick, incestuous way.

She is the one who will protect a rapist in her family. She is the one who will teach her boys that women are worthless and that she is the only female worthy of respect.

The hag says to her son's love interest, either explicitly or implicitly: "You shall never have my son. He is MINE AND MINE ALONE. No woman can have him because no one will care for him or love him the way I do."

The hag will feed on the tears of broken women. She will torture young maidens, like Elizabeth Bathory did.

Celebrate and rejoice, you debris of humanity who hates to see women thrive. You, enemy of progress; you, envious, jealous control freak who wants to be the only powerful woman in her mist.

I salute you with the Agincourt sign, a spit on your hateful face and an expression of contempt. FUCK YOU, HAG! Fuck you BIG TIME. Fuck you forever. Fuck you and whoever believes your stupid lies.

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